Angel Advocate - Communicator - Author                


        " I speak a second language...I speak the language of intuition."
I am fluent in the language of intuition, and the angelic realm continues to speak to me through it. My book is filled with my personal true stories of angel visitations, angel communication and angel healings. MY WINGMEN, is a true account of how angels began merging with my world.

MY WINGMEN also references and compares our life here on this glorious planet to a motion picture. Living your life scene by scene knowing every step of the way you have your angelic directors so to speak, who are there to guide and encourage you. This book has been long awaited by my angels who would nudge me every day to write.        
As someone who communicates with angels, I consider myself an angel advocate. I translate the messages I receive by interpreting their dialogue that streams through my intuitive centers. I write and speak about the benefits of angelic assistance and the magical power of prayer. If you look at the word "pray", you can see (P-RAY) - a purposeful and penetrating ray of light. If this speaks to your heart, and you are ready to open up to angels, I promise you, your life will never be the same.
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